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Changing the perception that people have of high tech accessories is at the heart of all Xoopar products. At the cross road between design and high tech, Xoopar is a startup focused on bringing joy through technology with a purpose.  Xoopar develops accessories to enhance your mobile lifestyle experience with a design touch and the best technology has to offer. From fashion magazines columnists to tech geek reviews,  everyone has been seduced by Xoopar innovative design.  The brand has been listed in Europe and in Asia by high profile concept stores, department stores, lifestyle gadget stores, and telecom carriers. Xoopar officially debuts its presence in the USA for Christmas 2017 at Neiman Marcus.

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 Xoopar designs:

Boy line of wireless speakers

A fun, colorful, line of Bluetooth speakers,  these bad boys look and sound great indoor and outdoor ! From 3 Watt power 3 inc size, to 10 Watt power 5 inch size with stereo pairing features (see article herein) that also glow peacefully in the dark, to the tallest 23 Watt power in 8 inch size , you will always find the right Boy for you.

Hug Boost smart cable

Apple did not wait too long to provide Made for iPhone certification to this line of smart, diminutive solution that is both a regular sync and charge cable, but features a 500mAh built-in power bank for emergency situations.


A line of witted power bank that makes it just more convenient than any other power bank: Bubble Bang delivering 4000mAh of power , Squid Max, delivering 7500 mAh,  both equipped with suction cups, and the slimmest 0.22 inch ultra thin Powercard, barely thicker than your credit card, delivering 1300mAh of power.


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