WELCOME to XO! (Xtyle Odeon)

Xtyle Odeon (XO) provides the gears you need for your mobile lifestyle. XO has smart accessories for every situation in life: transit, gym, in the car, at home, outdoors, at a concert, dinner or simply chilling with friends.

Xtyle Odeon supports your lifestyle with high quality accessories that are relevant for you, without the marketing bells and whistles. Xtyle Odeon supports most of the smartphones present at nationwide US carriers.

Building smart accessories means designing for a clear purpose: a different construction for a mobile case that lasts longer, a design detail on a charger that makes it more convenient to use, an additional features that you actually use every day,  there are dozen of ways that make XO products simply better, fitter, simpler or just more efficient than others. Now that is smart!

With world-class manufacturing quality in China, and soon a case manufacturing facility in Texas, Xtyle Odeon is  a socially and environmentally responsible player. Some of the XO's products feature a lifetime warranty (see details on this website) like some of  Elephant  tempered glasses for smartphone. Some of XO's cases are very unique and daring with exclusive luxury materials, unlike anything you have seen before. Xtyle Odeon has indeed its own character when it comes to style.

So dare to make a difference with XO, the mobile accessories for life.

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